Direct-To-Garment Printing

What Does DTG Mean?

  Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) is the process of printing onto textiles using inkjet technology allowing a more detailed and precise image to be printed. It is the most current and unique printing process in the field and its uniqueness makes Every Image printed POP with detail and color!!

Unlike screen printing or heat transfer vinyl – which are all plastic-based – we stray away from the hard-bodied inks that peel and break. DTG inks are water-based inks that absorb into the garment and become a part of the fabric. The inks we use in-house were developed with the most cutting-edge technology and were also co-developed with the Epson F2000 print head technology to improve overall reliability and longevity of direct-to-garment printing with white ink, making our process even more simple yet sophisticated.

DTG Printing allows us to print Full Color Images with No Setup Fees and No Minimum Orders, Every Single Time!


 Underbase, Pretreat, and Printing with White Ink

  When it comes to Custom Apparel nothing is ever a science. It takes a lot of time, patience, and most importantly passion. DTG with white ink to us is a deep and incredible love for the craft. Think about what we are doing like painting a wall. You have to lay down a primer before you put your color on. We do the exact same thing. Pre-treatment is sprayed and pressed into the shirt before printing to allow you to lay color into the shirt. Once it is ready a white under base is laid down before your image color is put on the shirt. Different colored shirts require different amounts of pre-treatments, like black, blue or red, since they are the most stubborn colors.

Custom Threadz does all of this In-House, so we ensure that each garment is pressed, rolled, and treated with care to give you the best quality image on your Custom apparel!


 Why DTG and Not Screen Printing/Vinyl?

The first question you should ask yourself when it comes to your Custom T-Shirts is why are there always so many limitations?

  Unlike screen printing – which has set up fees and shirt minimums - DTG printing gives us the ability to be more versatile and print on demand without any setup requirements or quantity restrictions. It also has fewer color limitations, which allows Full Picture and Full Gradient images to be printed true to color. With screen printing and heat transfer vinyl, only one color can be applied at a time so the number of colors applied to the shirt is limited and can start to weigh it down ruining the breathability of your garment.

Your shirt isn’t made out of plastic so why would you Customize with it?




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