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Launched in 2018 and based in the beautiful Boca Raton, Florida, we separate ourselves from the pack by focusing on Full Color Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) and Embroidery onto All Color Garments & Apparel - making the overall design process simple yet amazingly sophisticated. These processes both allow your image and/or design to come to life no matter which way you choose to Customize Your Lifestyle.

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Here at Custom Threadz we specialize in Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing and Embroidery allowing each individual order the attention to detail it deserves to bring your vision to life at Only the Highest Quality!

What is DTG and Embroidery?

12-needle embroidery machine with white foam trucker hat with black mesh back. Embroidering Custom Threadz logo t-shirt dripping with CT LLC in the middle.


Embroidery is the art of stitching beautiful patterns onto Fabric Surfaces with Thread.

Finally getting to the Core of our Threadz we are excited to add this to our methods of Customization allowing us to extend our already huge inventory of garments to customize and keep helping you Live your Custom Lifestyle Your Way!

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Direct to Garment Printing

DTG Printing gives us the ability to print Full Color Images onto All Color Garments.

Have a photograph you always wanted on a shirt? Are you an artist who would love to have your artwork printed without losing any detail? This is why we love what we do, because we can do all of that and more! The icing on the cake? 🍰 We offer No Minimums and No Setup Fees to keep providing you with the Fastest Turn Around Times for 1 single tee all the way to hundreds!

What Are You Waiting For!?

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No BS with CT!

Above and beyond is what we give Every Customer, Every Time, No Matter the Order. Every Custom Threadz customer is a VIP – or a Thread Head as we like to call ‘em - personal touches on artwork, double checking every detail, delivering your order, anything we can do to make Living Custom nothing more than what it should be, easy.

Custom clothing is something everyone wants but can never get done right. At Custom Threadz, LLC, we make it happen! Our processes of Customization are precise to detail with quick turnaround time!

Letting you design your own Custom needs is just one of the perks of doing business with Custom Threadz. We offer the most updated process of Direct to Garment Printing & Embroidery making all your custom designs POP with detail and color. And most importantly, we always take the time to make sure YOU Get What YOU Want. 👊

Custom Threadz is not just our business, it is our Lifestyle!

👕 When You Look Good, We Look Good. 👕
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