Behind The Throbz

You aren’t just purchasing a shirt, you are purchasing a piece of the history of this amazing story!!

(written by Homer- the third guy in the pic. Also the drummer)

Starting with introductions from left to right…

- On Bass Guitar, Box (nickname), not sure what his real name is, holding a tall boy Old Style beer, a favorite of Chicago in the 80s. - Lead singer, lead guitarist, Guy, wearing that awesome headband and my black leather jacket (hence slight belly display). - Holding down tight rhythm on drums (also the photographer of this unique film capture, yes for you younger fans it was all film photography back then), Homer, wearing Guy’s jean jacket that would probably sell for a couple hundred dollars today. - Last but not least, Paul (huge Kiss fan), Rhythm Guitar, sporting the Japanese t-shirt and the highly coveted Members Only Jacket.

It all began at Roselle Music buying some new drum skins when I saw the advertisement on the board “​Throbz
​ auditioning drummers.” How can one resist. After the audition they discussed amongst themselves and asked me to join. Again, how can one resist.

Guy was the creative genius behind the original songs such as “Foolish Ghoul, Pigs in a Blanket” and other great hits. We also mesmerized audiences with cover tunes such as “White Wedding and Light My Fire.”

The band rehearsed in an abandoned warehouse Guy found in Elgin, IL. We never knew who owned it, we just moved our gear in and started playing. We had many groupies come and watch us practice and it usually turned into some kind of after party. We were relentless in our pursuit to be the best band ever and we practiced feverishly every night for 6 months until we were ready to share our love and ridiculous talent for music with the rest of the world. So we hit the scene in bars and parties and whomever wanted to pay us.

Guy was a big Jim Morrison fan, he sounded like like him and tried to emulate him on stage, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out so well. One, he didn’t have Morrison’s looks, two, he couldn’t pull off the drunk on stage performance... shocker I know. As you can imagine our early performances were not so great with Guy’s emulation of Morrison but, he cleaned up his act and our shows following were then nothing shy of amazing.

What happened to the band you ask??? Well, we toured for about 3 months in total and Guy decided to go to Nebraska and left the band. So after 9 months (sigh), that was the end of the​
​ Throbz
But, now that you are a member of the fan club your support keeps the band alive, so please don’t be shy, tell all your friends about this awesome opportunity to join the fan club of the greatest 80s rock band ever…​ ​Throbz
​ ​ ... (interpreted to your liking).

Now that you know the story, go purchase yours now!